úterý 8. září 2009

neděle 6. září 2009

Birds on the Wires

Picture of birds on the electric wires and song, using the exact location of the birds as notes (no Photoshop edit). Compare the Dancing smoke (CFD)

sobota 5. září 2009

Magnet drops slowly through an eddy tube

This video (7 sec) is not slowed down. The movement of a magnet falling down a copper tube creates an electrical current around the tube, which exerts a slowing force on the magnet.

via videosift.com

Cylindrical MHD Accelerator

Here you can see, thanks to coloured filaments, the flow induced by a cylindrical MHD accelerator plunged into acidulous water, electrically conductive. A rod magnet generates the axial magnetic field (towards the reader). In this example, it is a permanent magnet (1000 Gauss), thus the MHD efficiency is weak and the flow speed is moderate, but you can see the principle. The Lorentz force field creates a suction of the liquid upstream, and a laminar wake downstream, which is slightly disturbed by bubbles near the anode (gaseous emission from anodic oxidation, cause of electrolysis). Digitized 16mm film, taken by Maurice Viton in 1976.


JP Petit: "The Silence Barrier" (scientific comics about MHD, original version in French)

No, this is not antigravitation

In fact the propeller of this Russian helicopter is really rotating. A radio wave signal is coupling the shot time of the movie camera with the rotation of the rotor to synchronize them. This allows to visualize efforts and deformations on the blades.


"If it happens slowly, it doesn't happen"

If we turn off right now all machines on Earth, environment decline will still continue, at least, one hundred more years. So whatever good news they tell you within that term, it's not completely true. Now it isn't about not damaging the planet (more exactly, the question is no longer about doing things to the planet that damage ourselves); we've already damaged the planet.

Now we just can deliberate about to stop increasing the damage. You wouldn't mind changing your domestic habits if it only had to do with your personal living and the environmental news were great. Environment degradation doesn't care about our perception or ideology on it. We have spent some time accepting the causes; so we'd better start to get ready for accepting the consequences.

pátek 4. září 2009

Google translator API pro .NET

Google translator API pro .NET

Kdo chcete využívat google translator i programově a ještě k tomu na platformě .NET tak je k nalezení knihovna, pomocí které můžete nechat přeložit jakýkoliv retězec. Tuto knihovnu najdete na adrese http://code.google.com/p/gtapi/